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21 Sep 2016

Your punishment will consist of laying there, for 30 minutes.

18 Sep 2016

Loosing control after control has already been taken.

12 Sep 2016

Impatiently waiting for him to return.

11 Sep 2016

Your heart beats faster as I came back into the room.

11 Sep 2016

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01 Sep 2016

I think there is something sexy about an old fashioned barber's chair. All those metal parts at just about the right position to tie a girl's arms, legs and neck to.

26 Aug 2016

umm, no caption needed.

18 Aug 2016

My temperature is rising...

14 Aug 2016

07 Aug 2016

This wasn't what she expected when I asked her to get dressed up. But, it was working.

31 Jul 2016

Waiting for him.

31 Jul 2016

22 Jul 2016

...getting ready.

22 Jul 2016

18 Jul 2016

Not strictly BDSM, but damn! She almost wears her lingerie so well.

17 Jul 2016

16 Jul 2016

Wow, such beautiful music.

11 Jul 2016

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how beautiful!!!:)

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Who can resist the Music of the Night?

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